May 12

St. Matthias Catholic Parish


The Story:

The average life span of a website is 2 years and 7 months. How do you create an online hub for your organization with no budget that can stand the test of time?

The St. Matthias Catholic Parish WordPress website was implemented in 2015 by a small, volunteer committee focused on parish communications. The website design and build was led by WP Custom Websites' owner and principal web designer and developer, Helen Koronka.

WordPress was chosen for longevity, organization, extensions and the ability to find volunteers willing to work with and learn WordPress. Upon completion, the website content was managed and updated by a few parish volunteers and staff members.

Fast forward 6 years to 2021 (yes, 6 years! That's two times longer than the average website's lifespan and a testimonial to a knowledgeable WordPress installation and good content), the website is bogged down and needs refreshing to make the content relevant again.

WP Custom Websites began the onboarding process to create a website care plan for St. Matthias. Besides updating content, the plugin extensions and hosting are being updated to make the website as fresh and functional as a brand new implementation. 

As of 2021, WP Custom Websites maintains the website on a volunteer basis. With regular maintenance, the site is positioned to last another 6 years!

The Problem:

The St. Matthias website is large and contains a lot of information for parish members and school families. Organizing and implementing a new website with volunteers every couple of years isn't feasible.

The Solution:

WP Custom Websites rewrote and replaced St. Matthias Catholic Parish's 2-year-old website to meet the communication needs of the parish. A WordPress implementation was chosen to give the website longevity. The website has been active for 6 years and there's no end in site!

Visualized & created an all encompassing website hub for our organization

If it weren't for Helen Koronka, St Matthias Church wouldn't have a website. Helen was able to listen to all our website needs and visualize the big picture, including integrating communications for our church, school, and athletics by creating one hub for all. I highly recommend working with WP Custom Websites.


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