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How much will my website cost?

Every business is unique with varying website requirements. Complexity, size and services needed impact the overall cost. 

With that said, on average, a small business website costs $3,000 - $5,000 to build (but can range from $2,000 - $15,000+).

Take the ballpark estimate quiz to get a rough idea of professional web design & development fees for your business website. Please note, this is an estimate and there's room for error. Book a free consultation to get an actual quote.

Know your website costs up front!

We charge flat fees for website design and development, website maintenance and our online courses.

Additional costs for other services such as website hosting are clearly outlined.

Website Administration

What does it cost to run a website?

A website, like a car, is a piece of technology that needs regular maintenance to continue to operate smoothly. Would you buy a new car and never add gas, change the oil or rotate the tires?

Think of a website care or maintenance plan as your insurance that your website will continue to operate and perform the same as the day it went live on the internet.

We offer custom website care plans that meet your business needs. Our base package covers all the essentials. If you're working on digital marketing, expanding your business offerings, rebranding, etc. it makes sense to expand your base package to include custom work each month for a flat fee.

Failure to maintain your website is a car crash waiting to happen.

Without maintenance, your website will slow down, features will stop working, and become vulnerable to malware infections and attacks.

Website visitors will dwindle and leave upon arrival resulting in lost business.

Website Maintenance Essentials

We'll Customize a Plan that Fits Your Business

Below is our recommended plan for most clients with a multipage website. One size doesn't fit all though and custom packages are available based on website size, goals and budget. 

  • Weekly Managed Software Updates (making recovery immediate if there are problems)
  • Weekly Manual, Full-Site Testing on multiple devices and browsers
  • Continuous Uptime Monitoring
  • Hands-On Performance Optimization and Monitoring with Benchmarking
  • Threat Protection Installation, Updating and Monitoring
  • Backup Management including Remote Backups
  • Hosting Management, Upgrades, and Testing
  • Resolve Technical Issues Following Technology Changes
  • Investigate and Address all Alerts (Security, Performance, Uptime, etc.)
  • Monthly Report

The amount of effort necessary to maintain a website varies every month depending on: 

  • The quantity and size of software releases, testing results, and resulting changes. 
  • The number and severity of alerts, investigation, and resolution time.
  • Scheduling and managing technology stack changes and related interdependencies.

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