February 10

Hands On, Inc.


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The Story:

What are 15 seconds? It is the average amount of time you have to interest a website visitor in your product or service before they decide to leave and check out your competitor's website.

Hands On, Inc. is operated by Elizabeth Hoffman, who offers massage therapies and Active Release Techniques®. (Also known as ART, Active Release Techniques® is a state-of-the-art soft tissue massage technique that treats and resolves problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.)

Elizabeth is one of the few certified practitioners of this technique in the area. She is a truly gifted massage therapist and ART practitioner, as witnessed by her glowing testimonials. How many website visitors stayed on her almost 20-year-old (but current) website to read those testimonials & discover her unique offerings?

UPDATE: Elizabeth retired and closed her business on 1/1/2023. Congratulations Elizabeth!!

The Problem:

Elizabeth's website is built with old technology. It is not mobile responsive and not what users expect. Failure to impress or inspire users to keep reading or schedule an appointment within 15 seconds of coming to the website results in lost business.

The Solution:

WP Custom Websites rewrote and replaced Hands On, Inc.'s website with a mobile responsive, conversion-focused website. Users are presented with content in a way that is expected and it is clear what call to action is expected: schedule an appointment!

I will recommend Helen to all my customers who need her services

I have been working with Helen for quite a few years but until recently only in the context of making changes to my 20+ year old website. She always responded very quickly and let me know when she would not be available, vacations, etc. She was the only one who knew how to make changes as the format it was written in was from the dinosaur age. Even my daughter who writes website design and content didn't know how. I mention this because of the vast knowledge Helen has and she is the most competent designer I have met.

One day when I called to make changes, she suggested a new website, one that was more user friendly and would attract new customers. I trusted her completely. She was very patient with me and used my suggestions in a very professional manner. I LOVE my new website and several of my customers have commented on how excellent and professional it looks!

I was amazed at how she took the time to work with me, I feel going above and beyond my expectations. I will recommend Helen to all my customers who need her services, and I think you should too!


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