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What we do

Create Small Business Websites

Do you need someone to trust to build your website and direct the entire process so you can feel confident in the project's success without much oversight from you?

A big-picture approach to website creation includes strategies for content, marketing, user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), website functionality and design. These different skillsets are challenging to find in a single freelancer or a small, affordable agency like WP Custom Websites. Let us help you create a robust website that avoids lost business opportunities.

We Also

Support Existing Websites

Who will support, maintain, update and/or improve your website after it goes live?

Once your new website goes live, it's time to implement the strategy for your website maintenance. Just like a car, a website care plan is vital to keeping your website safe, secure, operational and running smoothly. In addition, your website needs to change over time to accurately reflect your business, keep your mojo working for search engines and meet your marketing objectives. We're here for you!

And we

Help Business Owners Without a Budget Get Online

Do you need someone to guide you through the process to create a high-quality, marketing-focused website on a shoestring budget?

Very soon, WP Custom Websites will offer online courses that walk you through the process of creating your own website. Sign-up and feel the relief of having an expert webmaster guide you through the process of getting your business online.

It's a Partnership

We're In It For You

Our websites not only look good but focus on:

  • turning your website visitors into leads, customers or email subscribers using specific marketing principals
  • having great content to make you stand out
  • being search-engine friendly
  • looking great and operating on all devices (e.g. phones)
  • speed; no one tolerates a slow website
  • being measurable; who is visiting your site and how?

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Introduction to our

Core Services

Website Design & Development

Feel confident going live with your website as the hub of your online marketing efforts knowing it's expertly designed to meet your business goals.

Feel relief as WP Custom Websites listens to your needs and assumes management of your website development project. We guide you through the process letting you know what is needed from you and your team. 

Stand Out In All the Right Ways --> Not All Websites Are Created Equal

With today's website platform technologies, anyone can implement a pretty website. While great design is important, WP Custom Websites brings to the table all the other must-haves for a successful, marketing-focused website.

Our designs include:

  • Content strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Websites Built On Time & Within Budget

Our expert project management and development skills will produce quality deliverables that meet your objectives within scope, budget and on time.

Standard Features for All Websites:

  • WordPress Platform
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Conversion Focused
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Performance Optimized (Speed)
  • Google Analytics

Website Support

Worry less knowing you have a business partner to keep your website functioning optimally over time with our optional maintenance (but highly recommended) packages and monitoring services.

Your website is at its prime the day it goes live. Without maintenance, it's all downhill from there.

WP Custom Websites wants to help you leverage the valuable website asset you just created and make sure your website visitors become leads, customers, or email subscribers.

Why is website care and maintenance so important?

  • Security - If clients trust your website, they will trust you.
  • Cost Savings - If clients can find your business on the web, you will acquire more business and increase revenue.
  • User Experience - If a client can use your website, they will stay on your website resulting in increased business and revenue.

What is included in website care and maintenance?

  • Software updates - Website platform software is constantly being updated for new features and to fix bugs & vulnerabilities. This is the most important step in protecting your website against malicious attacks. An infected site will result in lost business opportunities and more if infected with ransomware.
  • Uptime monitoring - We will be alerted if your website goes down and will take any action steps needed to bring it back online ASAP.
  • Performance - Speed is everything. People will leave slow sites within 15 seconds. Search engines will rank slow sites lower. We monitor performance and address any degradations, server upgrades, or any other improvements to keep your site humming along at a past face!
  • Threat protection & monitoring - Bots are trolling the internet all day and night. Websites are constantly under attack. Besides implementing site protection strategies, we setup monitors to notify us when security risks present themselves and take action to harden or protect your website further.
  • Backups - Every website needs a reliable backup process to protect against failure or allow for site restoration due to software upgrade issues or malware infections.
  • Overall website health - Broken links or missing pages result over time and if not resolved, signal issues to users and search engines. Other website platform features may be discontinued and need to be replaced over time.
  • Reporting - Monthly reports let you know how your website doing.
  • Custom work - Our maintenance packages are designed around your business needs. Our base package covers the items in this technical list. However, custom work can be included each month too if, for example, your website is changing due to new product or service development or changing to support a marketing strategy.  

Online Courses

WP Custom Websites is a small business and believes small businesses need all the help and support they can get. Getting online is vital because the majority of consumers do online research prior to purchasing a product or hiring a service.

We're in the process of developing the first of a series of online course that will guide you through the process of creating a high-performance, quality, marketing website just as if we were building it for you. This is course is for business owners who:

  • May not have a budget to hire a webmaster or possess the skills to do it on their own,
  • Want control and permanent ownership of their website,
  • Want something more than a templated website, or
  • Want a website that will start converting visitors to leads or customers from day one.

Build Your Own Quality, Marketing Website for FREE

This offer is available for the first 2 - 3 crash course dummies (or volunteers) in exchange for feedback to be used in the  final course development or as a testimonial.


All websites created by WP Custom Websites are marketing and conversion focused based on the strategies used in design and development. These foundational strategies were developed with eZone Marketing Solutions as a guideline for creating high-quality, converting websites.

However, to make your website a true online marketing hub, we recommend eZone Marketing Solutions for digital marketing services. eZone will provide digital marketing insights based on your business and target audience to maximize your website's potential and create opportunities.

Hiring WP Custom Websites & eZone Marketing Solutions at the same time is like finding a golden ticket!

Services include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Roadmap
  • Sales Funnels
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging


What They Say

Visualized & created an all encompassing website hub for our organization

If it weren't for Helen Koronka, St Mathias Church wouldn't have a website. Helen was able to listened to all our website needs and visualize the big picture including integrating communications for our church, school, and athletics by creating one hub for all. I highly recommend working with WP Custom Websites.

My business' long-term website partner, keeping my website safe, secure & operational

Helen not only knows WordPress design, she knows the technical workings of websites and how plugins may or may not be a good option for you. Helen provides maintenance packages so your site coding stays up to date, which closes any possible security holes. A lot of other web developers are "build and bail", offering little to no monitoring of your site's coding or health after your website is finished.

I can't imagine putting the face of my business in anyone else's hands

Working with Helen Koronka has been a great experience. She built a website that fits my business perfectly. She has helped me keep my site on trend and up to date. Helen keeps on top of problems and is very responsive. She takes great pride in what she does and I can’t imagine putting the face of my business in anyone else’s hands.

Lance Johnson Artist

I will recommend Helen to all my customers who need her services

I have been working with Helen for quite a few years but until recently only in the context of making changes to my 20+ year old website. She always responded very quickly and let me know when she would not be available, vacations, etc. She was the only one who knew how to make changes as the format it was written in was from the dinosaur age. Even my daughter who writes website design and content didn't know how. I mention this because of the vast knowledge Helen has and she is the most competent designer I have met.

One day when I called to make changes, she suggested a new website, one that was more user friendly and would attract new customers. I trusted her completely. She was very patient with me and used my suggestions in a very professional manner. I LOVE my new website and several of my customers have commented on how excellent and professional it looks!

I was amazed at how she took the time to work with me, I feel going above and beyond my expectations. I will recommend Helen to all my customers who need her services, and I think you should too!

My New Website was in Great Hands with Helen/WP Custom Websites!

I"m really glad I asked Helen to help me build my business website. She identified each task that needed to be completed, walked me through the process, answered all of my questions with kindness and patience, and made it easy. I'm very happy with the final result and would recommend Helen to anyone looking for custom website services.

Marianne Gernetzke Health and Wellbeing Coach

Competent, easy to work with and level of integrity shows in work

Working with Helen Koronka on BEPG's website was a breeze because of Helen's high competency. Helen is very easy to work with and her level of integrity shows in her work. I highly recommend hiring Helen to develop your website.

Thomas Gernetzke Owner & Principal Consultant

I can relax knowing my website and my best interests are in the best hands

Helen Koronka is on top of what's happening on the internet and included the SEO set up and marketing aspects of my website right from the start. Helen drives the project even after it is complete by being aware of technology changes and reaches out before something goes awry. Because of this, I can relax knowing my website and my best interests are in the best hands.

Rebecca Pogonitz Interior Design

Painless website build within budget

It was a great decision to have Accell Lawn & Pool's website built by Helen Koronka. She made the process of building our new site from scratch just about painless - including getting stock imagery for me. Helen watched out for my pocketbook every step of the way.

Lindsey Springsteen Owner

Full service not found elsewhere

Helen did a great job on creating our recruiting website. We appreciate her great customer attention to detail and service and competitive pricing.

Wendy Cohen CEO

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The average life span of a website is 2 years and 7 months. How do you create an online hub for your organization with no budget that can stand the test of time?

What is 15 seconds? It is the average amount of time you have to interest a website visitor in your product or service before they decide to leave and check out your competitor’s website.

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