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Welcome to WP Custom Websites! WP Custom Websites provides custom website design and development services emphasizing marketing-friendly content and striking visuals. We are proud to offer a unique way to ensure your website stands out in a sea of competitors - resulting in more conversions.

The person behind the business makes us even more special: Helen Koronka. She has worked in the world wide web for the last sixteen years, specializing in WordPress development. But what sets her apart from everyone else is her comprehensive background working deep within technology (programming), leading sizeable IT projects and teams, and working closely with marketing experts her entire career. Her extensive experience gives her a well-rounded, high-level perspective on perfecting your website's look and feel. Helen's ability to bridge the gap between technology and business and work expertly in both areas results in one-of-a-kind integrity that can't be matched. 

At WP Custom Websites, our passion is delivering the highest quality websites - plus easy maintenance for your ongoing needs. Our goal is for you to become immersed in doing what you love while feeling comfortable leaving your complicated website-handling worries all up to us! We want you to focus on being great at your job while confident that your website will be taken care of - whether developing something new, writing content, search engine optimization, digital marketing, or fixing problems with existing material. 

We understand how important accurately representing yourself or your company is, especially on such a public platform as the internet. That's why WP Custom Websites pays attention to every detail in all stages of development, so everything looks amazing when completed – leaving you feeling inspired by these final results and giving your website visitors a great first impression! So don't hesitate. Contact us today so we can start creating the perfect site for you and your organization's success story, finally putting an end to those persistent "website headaches."

Birds of a feather flock together!

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Exceptional Customer Service

  • I always go above and beyond
  • I act like an employee of your business and always put your best interests first, even above my own financial gain
  • I'm personable
  • I'm responsive and provide solutions beyond your initial website design and build
  • I put everything in your company's name and don't hold your assets hostage

People First

  • I value people and relationships above all
  • I work hard for my client's success
  • I provide honest solutions, recommendations, and costs
  • I try to always be kind

Top-Notch Products & Services

  • I'm passionate about what I do
  • I use top-tier products and solutions to create conversion focused websites
  • I provide solutions beyond an initial website build
  • I don't let clients create websites about themselves. They need to be about your customer

Does This Sound Like You Too?

Meet A Few Clients

All our clients share the same goals and values as WP Custom Websites. Check out a few of them below! Does this sound like you too? If so, let's talk and explore how we can partner!

Fi-Med Management, Inc.

I worked with the digital marketer to coin this core message and designed this website.

Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC

I created this core message based on the digital marketing research completed. 

Lindsey Springsteen PA

I wrote this core message and designed this website based on the digital marketing strategy.

GOGO Design Group

I designed this website based upon the client's existing core message and logo.

Marianne Gernetzke Coaching

I designed this website using the client's existing core message and branding.

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During the pandemic, we sheltered a parakeet we found clinging to our car. She provided great entertainment and inspiration for the bird theme for WP Custom Website's tagline, "Break Free From Your Website Headaches."

Ruby was rehomed to a family with a flock of parakeets and is no longer lonely. We miss her big personality. This photo was taken the day she warmed up to Helen and decided to hang out and play with her hair while working!

WP Custom Websites was founded in November 2020. In addition to growing her business, Helen still subcontracts for the consultancy that hired her to build her first website in 2007!

Break Free from Your Website Headaches